5 Most Instagrammed Places in Kerala

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India among other countries is immensely renowned for its natural beauty and attracts tourists in millions from all across the world. Tourists are very well aware about the beauty of the Himalayas, but only a few destined one’s stumble across the mesmerizing scenes in Kerala and cannot resist the urge to take a gazillion pictures and snaps stories only to post them online later.

Being the most naturally beautiful state and with flora and fauna to enhance the beauty, Kerala is undoubted the most picturesque location in the entire southern part of the country and we are going to tell you why.

#1 – Alleppey


Ever wondered about that one relaxing day on the beach side during your holiday? Now let us tell you what is better than that, a day in one of the boathouse cruises along the rustic backwaters in Alleppey which is just 78 kilometers from Kochi (Cochin). There must be a reason why it’s called the Venice of the East and you will go on to find that the city definitely justifies the name given to it with all the canals it is equipped with and the magnificent beauty the backwaters bring to the town. You could expect yourself taking selfies in canoes or row boats while your co-travellers are enjoying the ride Orin the boathouse while your family is enjoying a sumptuous.

#2 – Wayanad


When could be a better time to take a snap through the lens of a camera than while you’re by the fields enjoying nature through all of your senses – smell of the wet soil, hearing the water flow down the loud waterfall and see the most beautiful hills ever? Well, you could expect all that and more at Wayanad, the name literally is a combination of vayal meaning “paddy fields” and Naad meaning “land”. Situated at over 900 meters above the sea level and about 80 kilometers from Kozhikode, it is irresistible to not Instagram a picture of a breath-taking view overlooking the mountains and with hot coffee in the one hand. The place offers numerous trekking locations and is sparsely populated compared to the other towns in Kerala. The caves and waterfalls around the place will keep you chill and offer adventures all throughout your stay.

#3 – Varkala Beach

varkala beach in kerala

What is one thing than everyone does on a beach in the 21st century? Well, if you guessed with the answer to be ‘build a sandcastle’, you might have just got it right, but if I asked you what everyone who visits Varkala beach do, then the answer would be about taking a photograph. The beach is visible right from the cliff of a mountain, not just one but several, and the view is splendid. It is said that the atmosphere on the cliff surrounding the beach has a Goan lifestyle; one where the ambiance and the party-crazy culture that is filled with foreign tourists. There are several water sprouts and spas that are formed along the beach for a relaxed background to make your evening better. The beach is 50 kilometers from Trivandrum and a must visit place for taking a few snaps!

#4 – Kovalam

kovalam destination

The most mesmerizing view every traveler captures in Kerala is that of the Kovalam beach, only 12 kilometers from the city of Trivandrum. Being so close to one of the most important cities in the state and also with such an amazing view that can’t be missed, it definitely classifies as one of the most Instagrammed locations in Kerala. The beach in Kovalam is crest-shaped and is discretely visible from the viewing platform of the lighthouse in the waters. The rocking waves and the gleaming sands make the location much suited for the movies. The artificial corals and fauna at the beach just add more colour to the already multi-colored background of Kerala here at Kovalam. Other must visit places around Kovalam include the Hawa beach and the Padmanabaswami Temple which is famous all across India.

#5 – Sabarimala

Sabarimala in Kerala

Hinduism is one of the most popular religions in India and Sabarimala is known as a centre of pilgrimage in the town of Kerala. Situated in the heart of the Periyar Tiger reserve, the temple is on a mountain and at a height of about 1260 meters from the mean sea level. The temple is surrounded with plush greenery and tall mountains. The town estimates to host over 100 million devotees of Ayyapan every year where the devotees walk bare foot all the way upto the shine in black clothes and offer their prayers to the Lord. Along with the temple, the place is popular for its wildlife and known for preserving the natural habit of tigers. It is pretty common to visit the wildlife sanctuary once in the area, so get your cameras ready to grab a few clicks of the ferocious tigers of Kerala.

Kerala definitely calls for a visit if you’re in India and are planning to capture some great pictures and cherish amazing views which you want to boast about to your family and friends back in your neighborhood at home. Do take your cameras along and definitely a charger and extra memory as you’d run out of both battery and space from taking pictures and videos of the panoramic beauty.

About the Author:

Rohit is a blogger at Trans India Travels and is an architect by profession. He cherishes the beauties of nature to the fullest by exploring and blogging about the same.

Image Courtesy: Alleppey, Wayanad, Varkala Beach, Kovalam, Sabarimala

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