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5 Most Instagrammed Places in Kerala

India among other countries is immensely renowned for its natural beauty and attracts tourists in millions from all across the world. Tourists are very well aware about the beauty of the Himalayas, but only a few destined one’s stumble across the mesmerizing scenes in Kerala and cannot resist the urge Read more [...]
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Avoid These 7 Common Travel Mistakes on Your Romantic Honeymoon

The honeymoon planning is equally important as the wedding planning. For every couple, it's also the trip of a life span; the first long, outlandish trip taken together where they get to know each other in a closer and better way. We understand that prior to honeymoon you were planning for your wedding Read more [...]
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7 Romantic Getaways in Kerala Where Every Honeymoon Couples Want to Go!

Kerala has everything to offer for honeymoon couples. It has cool breeze blowing everywhere around, lush green forests, romance in the air, beaches, backwaters, houseboats, aromatic tea gardens, couple spa facilities, waterfalls, tree houses and lot more. Planning your honeymoon to Kerala is equally Read more [...]
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7 Fabulous Ways to Make Your Kerala Honeymoon More Romantic and Special

Kerala, being on the south-western slope of India, relishes exceptional terrestrial features that have made it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia. Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country”. Composed weather, peaceful seashores, calm expanses of boondocks, sumptuous hill stations Read more [...]
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6 travel tips and ideas to Create a Scintillating Honeymoon Experience

6 Travel Tips to Create a Scintillating Honeymoon Experience

A wedding, although is an extremely important event for the couple, yet it brings its own set of stress with the elaborate planning and organisation with loads of guests and relatives around. Thus the idea of a honeymoon apart from the holidaying is to de-stress from all your wedding related anxiety Read more [...]
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Delicious Kerala Food Dishes

10 Delicious Kerala Food Dishes That Will Make You Go ‘Mmmm!’

Kerela is popularly known as the ‘Land of Spices’ but ideally it should also be known as the land of delicious food as the food offered by the state is indigenous and cannot be find anywhere else. The state has its own legacy in terms of the traditions related to food. The food here is served on Read more [...]
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8 Enchanting Things to do on Your Honeymoon Tour in Kerala

Kerala although is a narrow strip of land situated between the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on East yetis a scenic spot that is regarded as the destination of a lifetime. This state has eternal beauty with the beautiful treasures of the land like the palm fringed beaches in Kovalam and Read more [...]
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6 Romantic Places in Kerala for Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Some of the most romantic occasions demand equally intriguing destinations. Thus when it comes to planning your honeymoon or an annual Valentine’s Day getaway, you want to choose a marvelous location to spend quality time with your spouse or partner. It is a very good idea to plan a honeymoon in advance Read more [...]
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5 Splendid Reasons To Make Your Honeymoon Most Memorable In Kerala

Kerala, one of the most romantic getaways of India, is located along the Malabar Coast and is highly popular due to its beaches, resorts, the indigenous backwaters, Ayurvedic tourism and spice plantations. Due to its tropical greenery and enticing cultural richness, Kerala has attracted a lot of tourism Read more [...]
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8 Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala for a Romantic Winter Escapade

Kerala has been a front runner as a winter romantic getaway mainly due to availability of plenty of romantic places in this spectacular state in the South of India. The state has no dearth of romantic beaches, luxurious 5 star resorts & hotels, dreamy islands, backwaters and wildlife spots. The Chembra Read more [...]
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