7 Fabulous Ways to Make Your Kerala Honeymoon More Romantic and Special

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Kerala, being on the south-western slope of India, relishes exceptional terrestrial features that have made it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia. Kerala is also known as “God’s Own Country”. Composed weather, peaceful seashores, calm expanses of boondocks, sumptuous hill stations and outlandish wildlife are the key fascinations of Kerala. An exclusive benefit of Kerala is that most of the destinations here are only a 2-4 hours’ drive from the each other. There is no fix season to visit Kerala for honeymoon, the year-long temperate weather and abundant festivals with occasions make this place a “happy-go-lucky” place.

Below is the list of Activities that you can do on Your Kerala Honeymoon Tour:

#1. Houseboat Cruise in Kumarakom:

Houseboat Cruise in Kumarakom

The houseboat cruise in Kumarakom takes you to a new world, with natural surroundings at its best, coming to Kerala and not going through the magnificence of these extravagance floating citadels will be absolute waste. The best place to be explored in these lavish houseboats has always been the magical Kumarakom. These houseboats have fascinated plenty of travellers from athwart the world.

#2. Stay on Beach Resorts:

stay on beach resorts of Kerala

Experience the sprint of superfluity added by mysterious beach resorts when you are going to Kerala. These resorts make certain the best of generosity to vacationers who are here for a holiday or honeymoon. Enormously prevalent with couples, they offer the most idealistic and comforting experience at Kerala’s elegant seashores.

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#3. Go for Boating in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary:

go for boating in Periar wild life sanctuary

A boat cruise on the Lake is conceivably the best way to watch the flora and fauna in the reserve. These 1-1½-hour boat rides around the lake are the key way to visit the sanctuary deprived of taking a directed walk. If you are lucky, enough then you might see deer, boar and bird life.

#4. Visit Wayanad Hill Station:

wayanad hill station in kerala

Located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level in Kerala, Wayanad hill station is one of the most delightful and peaceful hill stations of Kerala. The luxurious green flora, together with mist-covered hills and unpolluted air will make your trip to Wayanad a memorable experience. The natural picturesque attractiveness of Wayanad and its amusing natural possessions offer numerous occasions for exploration sightseeing.

#5. Visit Bird Sanctuary in Kerala:

bird sanctuary in Kerala

There are many bird sanctuaries in the state but the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is among the utmost prevalent bird sanctuaries in Kerala. The sanctuary is famous for its dense population of birds, which is equivalent only to that of the Eastern Himalayas. It is home to as many as 500 classes of colourful birds and the most frequently seeing avian in the sanctuary are the Falcon Grey, Ceylon Frogmoth, Night Heron etc.

#6. Take Photos in Tea Gardens of Munnar:

take photo in Munnar tea garden

Munnar Tea Gardens are filled with wonderful and aromatic smell of tea. People can take picture of beautiful environment while walking through these gardens. You may come across with the uncommon class of mountain goat NilgiriTahr or Ibex, accompanied by many others while on expeditions to these gardens.

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#7. Walk on the Beach:

walk on Kerala beach

With a remarkable 550 kms of coastline on the Arabian Sea Kerala Beaches is the best one to take a walk with your partner. Delicately moving palm trees, lukewarm waters of the Arabian Sea, kites and eagles flying above, appeal of these beaches.

There can be no other best place in India for your honeymoon other than Kerala. It is a beautifully planned and placed state where you can spend the most memorable days of your life. Kerala has everything to offer you from love, romance, adventure, and fun. Want to go Kerala for honeymoon? Book your Kerala tour package at best price ever.

Image Courtesy: Boating in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Bird Sanctuary

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